GunnRunner Alpha Changelog v 0.8.5 – Several Steps Forward


  • Gun no longer stops shooting when held down. Instead, fire rate slows and accuracy decreases
  • Animations re-sprited for landing, fast-falling, jumping, and dashing
  • Reduced fast-fall speed
  • Window to input fast-fall increased to just before peak jump
  • There is now a very short time between pressing shoot and the player actually shooting
    • This is is too reduce firing in unintended directions
  • Shot SFX will now pitch lower the longer you hold the fire button
  • Dashing from a fast-fall will always produce a max dash
  • Jump buffer added when attempting to jump while player is under a ceiling
    • The jump will occur after the player clears the ceiling

Level Editor

  • Beamer added
    • Can be toggled to always on
    • Can be rotated
  • Floatee added
    • Can adjust direction and speed
    • Can be set to stationary
  • Motion Gate added
    • Set toggle key for specific doors
  • Pelter added
    • Can set shooting speed (0.75 second intervals)
    • Can set shooting angle
  • Line indicators for toggle objects and doors now has dark -> color gradient. Dark always starting at the toggle and going to the door.
  • Editor will warn if user will paste objects out of bounds
  • A grid overlay can be toggled
  • Current editor level name and level size now appears on the info bar
  • Removed budget constraints
  • Cursor position is always shown


  • NEW Beamer!
    • Will blast lasers at you if you get too close.
  • NEW Floatee!
    • Friendly floating platforms that will assist you along the way.
  • NEW Motion Gate!
    • Pass through triggers that will open doors
    • Will detect the player, enemies, and floatees
  • NEW Pelter!
    • Stationary enemy that fires at a constant rate
  • Shifter will not expand if player is colliding with it


  • New musical scores for each world
  • New music for editor
  • New music for level select


  • Depending on world completion, players can now select a tile theme from extras menu
  • Can view Level Times by navigating to extras on the main menu
  • Levels generate extra details
  • Level backgrounds generate on load and match theme
  • Level select visuals update
    • Grass applied to sides of block represent level objective completion


  • Deploy animation for Heavy Enemy is cancelled if the player lands on top before shooting animation


  • Considering adjustments to levels and new world sets, the alpha season (00) has been reset
  • Added Expert difficulty with 18 new levels
  • Added Master difficulty with 20 new levels
  • Added 2 new levels in Novice
    • “Juts” and “Outbox”
  • Added 1 new level to Proficient
    • “Air Circuit”
  • Changes made to “The Basics”, “Osmosis”, “Topsy Turvy”, “Bit More”, and “Shooting the Breeze”
  • Moved levels to Competent
    • “Block Me One More Time” and “Alternation”
  • Moved levels to Proficient
    • “Wing Chaser” and “Edge Out”
  • Moved levels to Expert
    • “Close Quarter Clockwork” and “Gunrobatics”
  • Added GrandRunner difficulty with 10 new levels

Various bug fixes and visual improvements.