GunnRunner Alpha Changelog v 0.9.5 – End In Sight

This update includes a plethora of sound effects added to the game. As well as three challenging bosses added to the first three worlds. Check details below, but the gist of the update is right there. Enjoying battling your way through these large enemies.


  • Delay added to gun recharge to prevent fast tapping shoot button
  • Slightly increased coyote time on all movement mechanics
  • Added edge leeway to dashing under ceilings


  • Blocker and Toggle-Door now stop Edge Enemy laser shot
  • Shifter slides faster
  • Phased-Out toggle door recharges faster


  • Sound effects added everywhere


  • Level Times menu renamed to “Level Stats”
  • Level Stats now show badge progress
  • World Gates now gild if all levels are gilded inside the world
  • Bosses can now be accessed from each world
  • Progress towards challenging a boss is now visualized on the level select screen


  • Collision for Edge Enemy laser shot is improved
  • Crawl Enemy now shoots its bullets in sequence rather than instantaneous


  • Changes made to “Open Seed”, “Chimney Runner”, “Intentional Blocking”
  • Replaced “Heart Strike” with “Inner Strike” in Competent

Various bug fixes and visual improvements.