• Alex Shepard was the programmer, sound designer, and pixel artist
  • Will Collins composed the music
  • Release date: March 17th, 2023
  • Price: $12.99
  • Game Engine: Game Maker Studio 2


GunnRunner is an action platformer, bullet-swarm, with an emphasis on skilled movement. Get your fingers warm with this twin-stick shooter. Balance finesse movement with one hand while shooting accurately with the other. The game is set in a virtual world controlled by sentient machines that call themselves “The Assembled”. These machines have destroyed your home planet and trapped you in an environment of their creation. Plow through every enemy in your path or skillfully dodge the onslaught of bullets. Venture deep into the constructed world of the machines, destroy every guardian, and discover the means to stop their vicious cycle of destruction. Do you posses the power to halt annihilation?


A screenshot of the game GunnRunner of the player jumping and slashing an emeny. A screenshot of the game Gunner where the player is inside a boss shooting a weak point. Screenshot of the game GunnRunner where the player is low on health points attempting to dodge bullets. Screenshot of GunnRunner where player is shooting enemies and explosions blast around them.



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