GunnRunner Alpha Changelog 0.7.2 – Levels and Quality of Life

Focused on small QoL changes to prepare for Playthrough 2019. Find our booth at the Raleigh Convention Center March 30th – 31st.

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Changes to GunnRunner

  • Dashing into small areas and over gaps is easier.
  • Collisions with the Basic enemy are more consistent and should result in less unfair deaths.
  • Proficient difficulty levels opened and 7 new levels added.
    • Difficulty adjusted for various levels
  • Player starting direction can now be modified in editor
    • Facing direction applied to appropriate levels in current worlds
  • Fly enemy pellets should communicate their effective range better.
    • Range of pellets have also been reduced
  • Crawl enemy mines have a small delay before becoming deadly
  • Player can no longer dash into enemies with shields to destroy them
    • This mechanic was never used and only confused most players