GunnRunner Alpha Changelog v0.7 – Leaderboads, More Levels, and Content Galore

GunnRunner Gif


  • Shield level visualization is now in the avatar’s face mask
  • Improved visualization for fast-falling and fast-dashing
  • Gun overheat visualized in avatar hands
  • Dash activation visualized in avatar legs
  • Must now dash into enemies to Shield-bash
  • Player will no longer accelerate passed a maximum fall speed
  • Bullets now have pixel perfect collision
  • Sword damage is now consistent

Level Editor

  • Pressing T will toggle controls overlay
  • Checkpoints and Buttons now save properly
  • Two-way platforms can now be placed
  • “Delete all objects” button added (found in the change grid tool)
  • Levels can be deleted from the load screen
  • Last Played and Last Deleted levels are automatically saved for convenience
  • Tool buttons now highlight when selected
  • Visualization for cut/copy
  • Player can now pan view by moving cursor to window edge
  • View pan now has acceleration


  • New doorway and button toggle
    • Doorway will destroy both Player and Enemies if it closes on them
    • Doorway blocks enemy bullets
    • Doorway can be sliced open with sword
  • New bullet redirector
    • Can redirect  player and enemy shots
  • New Phaser
    • Players can shoot through it, but not move through it
    • Enemies can move through them


  • Each level now has two optional objectives
    • Passive: Complete level with no enemies damaged or destroyed directly by the player
    • Poke: Complete level with no shield pokes
  • Leaderboard saving is now active for every level
    • Will save automatically update on level completion (if record made)
    • View top 15 on level select screen


  • New bullet art and patterns for all enemies
  • New EDGE enemy
  • New RAILER enemy
  • Basic Enemy can now be stood on
  • Fly enemy now shoots in 4 diagonal directions (up from 2)
  • Sitting under Fly enemy no longer stops it from shooting
  • Heavy enemy moves continuously


  • All levels reworked
  • 29 New levels

Various bug fixes and visual improvements.