GunnRunner Alpha Changelog v 0.7.8 – Rewards, Time Trials, Results


  • Dash can now be buffered before hitting the ground for an immediate no impact dash

Level Editor

  • Pylons have been added
    • Press “<“, “>”, or “m” on keyboard, or use the dpad on gamepad to adjust the timing
  • Results screen show up in editor


  • NEW Pylon! It is an editor defined time trial
    • Shoot it to begin the timer
    • Reach the exit or a checkpoint to save the remaining time
    • Shoot multiple pylons to add remaining time with new time
    • Failing (not reaching the end gate or checkpoint before time up) will reset all pylons
    • Reach End gate with remaining time and all pylons shot to achieve objective
  • Checkpoint now properly saves objectives, buttons, and pylon states


  • Completed levels shows a pole on level select
  • Completed objectives like poke and passive will be attached as flags on the pole
  • Times are now only recorded in seconds
  • End of each level now shows a results screen
    • Frames: Total frames from player start to end gate touch
    • Speed efficiency: percentage of official time spent in a dash or fastfall
    • Input: Any movement or gun input
  • Changed “quit” to “exit game” in menus


  • Edge Enemy laser hurtbox reduced
    • Time of quick rotation when locked on player also reduced


  • Pylons added to every level in Novice and Competent

Various bug fixes and visual improvements.