GunnRunner Alpha Changelog v0.7.7 – User Experience Improvements


  • Fastfall deadzone increased for gamepad
  • Border now flashes shield color when hit
  • Dashing off a ledge allows player to jump during the dash
  • Barely missing a platform during a dash will place you on top of the platform (leeway)
  • Player will no longer waste shots into walls or solids if too close to them

Level Editor

  • Directional Pad buttons now control object modifiers (was stick clicks)


  • Toggle Doors will now regenerate after being destroyed
    • Regeneration takes ~2 seconds
  • NEW One Way platform
    • Can be rotated to 4 directions
  • Unique sprite for Two Way platform
  • Redirector Sprited


  • Changed main menu option from “editor” to “level builder”


  • Basic, Fly, and Heavy enemies now have indicators to show when they are about to shoot
  • Fly and Basic enemies will no longer switch their firing direction if the player moves into new firing angle during an enemies charge up
  • Heavy enemy will no longer fire if the player sits on top of it
  • Heavy enemy hitbox size reduced
  • Fly enemy rate of fire slightly reduced
  • Basic enemy move speed slightly increased
  • Edge enemy death fully functional


  • Numerous levels added to Novice levels for a less steep difficulty curve

Various bug fixes and visual improvements.