GunnRunner Alpha Changelog v0.7.5 – Control Customization & New Stuff


  • Added a 1 Frame turn around animation when on ground
  • Easier to dash/jump into or over small gaps

Level Editor

  • Directional Pad buttons now control object modifiers (was stick clicks)


  • NEW blocker object
    • Shoot to expand as a wall object
  • Reduced size of Gate bounding box for world select and level gates


  • Background generation now follows the view around
  • Keyboard and Gamepad controls can now be remapped in settings
  • New toggles in settings
    • Submit times
    • Show leaderboard
    • Generate clouds
    • Generate background
    • Pixel scaling (1x – 3x)


  • Heavy enemy is not a vertical mover with a standbox
  • Reduced hitbox size of Fly enemy
  • Reduced hitbox size of Crawl enemy
  • Reduced hitbox size of Basic enemy
  • Basic enemy now falls if there is no floor below it


  • Some levels moved to new difficulties
  • Current levels with Heavy enemy reworked
  • 9 New levels

Various bug fixes and visual improvements.