GunnRunner Alpha Changelog v 0.9.7 – Release Candidate

This update is the doorstep release for GunnRunner out of Early Access. There is still work to be done though! Completion on the 3 world bosses for Expert, Master, and Grand Runner are under way. And we still need some final touches on levels in the Grand Runner world. As well as a few odds and ends here and there (more to come on that).

Important to note that we will be moving officially into season 01 leaderboard, so progress for levels will be reset. Do not worry about old scores! If you played and submitted scores during season 00, they will be viewable from within Gunn Runner (if the time was good enough).


  • Delay for shooting slightly reduced to improve player feel


  • Blockers now hold position a bit longer before transitioning back to original
  • Pylons now have arrows pointing in the direction of the End Gate
    • Indicates purpose of pylons to newer/confused players


  • Additional sounds added to bosses and leftover items


  • Customization can now only be changed if guardians are defeated
  • Story sequence added to beginning load
  • Pixelify splash screen


  • Edge Enemy only tracks player while moving
  • Balance changes to all current Guardians
  • **NEW** Guardian for the Proficient World


  • Balance changes made to levels across all worlds.
  • New levels added to Proficient, Expert, Master, and Grand Runner

Various bug fixes, visual improvements, and performance enhancements.