GunnRunner Changelog v – GrandRunner Workshop

This update rounds out GrandRunner with 20 levels. Meaning we have reached our 120 level goal. Good luck running and chasing those records!

Also checkout the new section in the settings called “Extra”; a few items for accessibility and speedrunners. World and full game times will now be saved locally.

Workshop integration has been finalized through the level editor! You can create content and upload it straight to the Steam Workshop through GunnRunner. Share your levels with the world!

Onto finishing out the Guardians for each world. For those that signed up for the raffle during PAX EAST 2023, stay tuned!


  • Legs now appear red while unable to dash
  • Legs now appear blue when Astro can fast dash
  • Holding up or down will now pan the screen


  • Blockers can now be continually shot and kept in hold state
  • Blocker hitbox size slightly increased for better shot accuracy
  • Toggle doors now only take 2 hits to phase out


  • Workshop integration for Level Editor
    • Upload/Update content from the Load Menu
  • End card on levels will now display nearest scores on leaderboard
  • Made the world gates appear a clearer red color when Guardian can be challenged
  • Standard times and gild times are now differentiated (toggled in level select screens)
  • World time will now be saved when completing a run from level 1, to 20 on a World
  • Game time will now be saved when completing a run from World 1, Level 1, to World 6, Level 20
  • New section in the settings menu called “Extra”
    • Save slots (10 slots that can be deleted)
    • World Timer
    • Single Segment toggle
    • Splits
    • Player indicators
    • Interface adjustments
  • “Frost” tile set improved to be less “pillow-shaded”
    • Meaning, the tile edges should now be less noticeable
  • Bug that showed improper input count on end card has been fixed

Expect more options added into “Extra” in the future


  • Fixed a crash in “Flashbox” when blocks got too close to each other


  • Edge and Basic Enemies both take less hits to destroy
  • Improved spawn location of Heavy enemy bullet pattern and fixed bug causing them to sometimes bridge gaps
  • Fixed an issue where players would sword-destroy an enemy, but still get knocked out
  • Heavy enemy shoot animation can be cancelled now like the deploy animation
    • Additionally, all animations can now be cancelled if the player is far enough away or this enemy leaves the screen


  • Removed stuck spots on “Brief Stay”
  • “Freestform” updated to have pylons and finalized version
  • Three levels added to GrandRunner: “Exactness Evaluation”, “Bullets Runneth Over”, and “Falling Action”
  • Fixed bug where player can traverse levels that were not yet unlocked