GunnRunner Alpha v0.6.3 – Improved Editor and Player


  • Ammo bar will slide away when not in use
  • Visualization for shield levels
  • Fast dashing, normal dashing, and fast falling has improved visuals
  • After exiting hitstun, there is now half a second of iframes
  • Shield flashes while in iframes
  • Entering hitstun while jumping will stop jump momentum
  • Level restarts half a second faster after death

Level Editor

  • Full gamepad support
  • Max level tile size set to 2000
  • Max objects in level set to 1000
  • New placement tool hotkey: E
  • Access radial menu by holding alt while using placement tool
  • Can now place checkpoints
    • Press C while using placement tool
    • Hold alt while using placement tool, right click
  • Added cursor to visualize movement on the grid
  • Tile sprite in editor is now clearly a tile
  • Can now click menu options
  • Can now click items on the radial menu
  • Can now cycle through radial menu pages with right click
  • The menu bar can be moved to the bottom of the screen by pressing the down arrow key (up arrow for default position)
  • Editor will automatically load into a level (base level if no file exists)
  • Can now change the x,y (level size) in editor
  • How to cut/copy/paste (keyboard mouse method)
    • Choose the selection tool
      • click the icon
      • press tab until the selection tool icon is highlighted, press enter
    • Click the top left of what to copy
    • Drag bottom right to make a rectangle, then click when you have covered all of what to copy
    • Cut/copy
      • press x to cut
      • press c to copy
      • press tab until the cut or copy icon is highlighted, press enter
    • You will see a circle indicating you can now paste
    • Move your mouse to where you want to paste (you can right-click to set your paste point)
      • press v
      • press tab until the paste icon is highlighted, press enter
  • Background now properly generates in editor
  • Grass tiles now generate properly in editor

Loading speed of levels begin to deteriorate after 1000 objects placed. This may be increased in the future; I do not enjoy limiting the player.


  • Can now toggle screenshake in settings
  • Save symbol’s sprite lasts longer, is larger, and is less transparent


  • New bullet pattern and bullet sprite for Heavy Enemy
  • Enemies flash red when below half HP (rounded up)


  • Checkpoints will now save button activation in levels
Gamepad controls
Level Editor Gamepad Controls