GunnRunner Alpha v0.6 – Level Editor


Completely functioning level editor. You can reach the editor from the main menu. Find level files in local roaming -> GunnRunner -> editor folder.


  • WASD – Pan viewer
  • TAB – Traverse editor buttons
  • RETURN/ENTER – Confirm editor button
  • ESC – Back/Exit
  • LEFT-CLICK – Place/delete object
  • HOLD-SHIFT – Activate paint
  • HOLD-CTRL – Activate delete
  • HOLD-RIGHT-CLICK – Radial selector
    • Release RIGHT-CLICK while hovering to select
  • Z – Opens box selector
    • Two clicks to create box
    • X – cuts, C – copy, V – paste (can also use editor buttons to cut/copy/paste)
    • Will cut/paste from position of cursor


  • NUM1 – Basic
  • NUM2 – Fly
  • NUM3 – Heavy
  • NUM4 – Crawl
  • T – Tile
  • P – Player
  • B – Button
  • G – Gate
  • SPACEBAR – Play Level (must have player and end-gate placed)
  • BACKSPACE – Stop level



  • Implemented hitstun (freeze frames)
    • When colliding with an enemy directly (0.2 seconds)
    • When colliding sword with an enemy (0.2 seconds)
    • When colliding with an enemy bullet (0.1 seconds)
  • New shield art (spawn and discharge animations)
    • You flash red when hit

These extraneous changes were to improve player feel and balance the sword. Choosing to use the sword in all circumstances will increase the time to complete a level. This will hopefully encourage more use of the gun. On the topic of the shield, there was significant feedback about the shield art not being noticeable. Now, it should be very clear. There is a color change plus hitstun to accompany most enemy collisions.


  • Basic Enemy hp reduced to 12hp down from 14hp
  • Fly Enemy hp reduced to 8hp down from 10hp
  • Heavy Enemy hp reduced to 14 down from 16hp
  • Crawl Enemy hp reduced to 10hp down from 12hp

Reduced overall enemy hp to hopefully increase the viability of gun.


  • Fully functioning settings menu
    • Settings filed saved to local roaming folder
    • Toggle fullscreen
    • Toggle timer
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