GunnRunner Alpha v0.5 – Advance your movement


  • Player now has a separate hurtbox (collides enemies and bullets only)
  • Hurtbox 80% smaller than standard player wall collision
  • Player can no longer dash in midair multiple times
  • Dash cooldown reduced
  • Fastdash window increased
  • Implemented a grace period when jumping from a ledge
  • Pressing down while falling downward will immediately put player at max fall speed (fastfall)
  • Can now cancel dash by jumping, swording, or fastfalling
  • Hitting an enemy with your sword now has 0.1 seconds of hitstun
  • Pressing shoot now fires frame 1
  • Shooting spray is the same pattern every time (removes RNG)


  • Pushing the Right stick in a direction will lock gun in that angle. Then, pressing the right trigger will fire it in that direction.
  • Reset button default is now “Y”, was “X”
  • Added right stick angle deadzones for more accurate shooting angles


  • World and Level select now have art assets
  • Game font changed
  • Onscreen tooltips for tutorials and menus are now present
  • Timer no longer records hours
  • Level times are now saved


  • Basic enemy fires every 0.6 seconds up from 0.4 seconds
  • Basic enemy hp reduced to 14hp down from 16hp
  • Fly enemy fire every 1.1 seconds up from 1 second
  • Fly enemy hp reduced to 10hp down from 16hp
  • Fly enemy now follows a fixed circular path (removes RNG)
  • Basic and fly enemies can no longer fire at player from off screen (for sure this time)
  • Heavy enemy hp reduced to 16hp down from 20hp


  • Music will no longer stop on death/reset when inside a boss level
  • Bosses will now skip warning after the first time (will reset when exiting level)
  • Grass boss top turret HP reduced to 100 down from 160
  • Grass boss weak point will now flash red when below 25 HP


  • Removed Over It (hated it)
  • Added Bit More (free shoot and sword tutorial level)
  • Added switches to “Boxed In”, “Heavy Turn”
  • Difficulty changes to “Crawl Out”, “Out Of Sight”, “Boxed In”