GunnRunner Alpha v0.5 – Advance your movement


  • Player now has a separate hurtbox (collides enemies and bullets only)
  • Hurtbox 80% smaller than standard player wall collision
  • Player can no longer dash in midair multiple times
  • Dash cooldown reduced
  • Fastdash window increased
  • Implemented a grace period when jumping from a ledge
  • Pressing down while falling downward will immediately put player at max fall speed (fastfall)
  • Can now cancel dash by jumping, swording, or fastfalling
  • Hitting an enemy with your sword now has 0.1 seconds of hitstun
  • Pressing shoot now fires frame 1
  • Shooting spray is the same pattern every time (removes RNG)


  • Pushing the Right stick in a direction will lock gun in that angle. Then, pressing the right trigger will fire it in that direction.
  • Reset button default is now “Y”, was “X”
  • Added right stick angle deadzones for more accurate shooting angles


  • World and Level select now have art assets
  • Game font changed
  • Onscreen tooltips for tutorials and menus are now present
  • Timer no longer records hours
  • Level times are now saved


  • Basic enemy fires every 0.6 seconds up from 0.4 seconds
  • Basic enemy hp reduced to 14hp down from 16hp
  • Fly enemy fire every 1.1 seconds up from 1 second
  • Fly enemy hp reduced to 10hp down from 16hp
  • Fly enemy now follows a fixed circular path (removes RNG)
  • Basic and fly enemies can no longer fire at player from off screen (for sure this time)
  • Heavy enemy hp reduced to 16hp down from 20hp


  • Music will no longer stop on death/reset when inside a boss level
  • Bosses will now skip warning after the first time (will reset when exiting level)
  • Grass boss top turret HP reduced to 100 down from 160
  • Grass boss weak point will now flash red when below 25 HP


  • Removed Over It (hated it)
  • Added Bit More (free shoot and sword tutorial level)
  • Added switches to “Boxed In”, “Heavy Turn”
  • Difficulty changes to “Crawl Out”, “Out Of Sight”, “Boxed In”
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GunnRunner Alpha 0.4.8 – Levels Upon Levels

Full controller support! From launch to exit, no need for keyboard. I plan to either have preset controls or rebindable keys in the future.

More Levels!

Grasslands world also has 13 new levels to complete. It will also save your progress. Good luck!

Shoot Switches!

Simply running to the exit is not the only objective! In some levels, there is now switch objects that must be shot at to open level end portals.


  • There is now different sword swipe animations for a weak and strong hit
  • Reduced size of shield hitbox
  • Player can no longer fast dash by holding down the dash button
  • Checkpoints will now save the players x position and spawn them there, instead of on the checkpoints x position
  • 5 Second time penalty on death has been removed. Instead, time is cumulative
  • Jump speed, fall speed, and maximum fall speed have been reduced to create better aerial control.
  • Shield poke reduced to 2  (3 hits to die) down from 5  (6 hits to die)


  • World and Level select screens added
  • You can now exit to level select from pause menu
  • Game will save/load current grasslands progress


  • Crawl enemy now fires a equal bullet spread
  • Basic enemy will fire at the player from 320 px away up from 288
  • Basic enemy will now detect and fire at players at heights above and below it’s current horizontal axis.
  • Heavy enemy will detect and fire at player from longer range

Bug Fixes

  • Crash bugs removed from Grass Boss dealing with with missing player object
  • Parallax backgrounds now fade in/out with level

More code optimizations!

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