GunnRunner Alpha 0.4.1 – Refactor Complete!

All important mechanics and functions of the game have been updated to work at all fps levels. Previous builds required the game to work at a fixed 30 fps. Otherwise, the game would run slower or faster depending on the FPS. It took weeks of work to create something most people will not see, but it will be extremely worth it in the long run. On to the more specific changes:

Grass Boss

  • Functions at normal speed
  • Movement patterns now follow a curve rather than a straight line
  • Improved platform handling (no more random deaths or falling through objects)
  • New shooting patterns for Top Turrets
  • Top turrets take more hits to destroy
  • Core will now fire single shot when Top Turrets are both destroyed


  • Gun now recharges faster
  • Number of times shield can take before being destroyed has been set to 5. It was high before for debugging purposes.
  • Checkpoints will now completely restore your shield
  • Sword active hitbox time reduced to .8 seconds down from .1
  • Sword active hitbox width reduced to 20 px down from 26


  • Levels load smoother and more efficiently
  • Title menu updated to reflect new game title


  • Fly enemies will not fire at the player from off screen
  • Crawl enemies shot cooldown is now 1.5 seconds up from 1
  • Crawl enemies move at 40 pps down from 60


  • Changed enemy placements in “The_Tease”
  • Removed 1 Crawl Enemy from “Omni_Bend”

And various quality of life additions and bug fixes no one will notice. 😉