pCG Dev Blog #2 – Logo redesign


I am excited to unveil the new pixelCast Games logo! It went through several iterations before I finally landed on something that looked clean and minimalist while still clearly representing pixelCast.

The meaning behind the name “pixelCast” is the desire to bring my creations to you. Simply put, I am casting pixels to the user. It is a wave that is emanating from the p and grows larger as it reaches the right edge of the C. The C is depicted larger than the p because, as a programmer, I follow the camelCase naming convention.¬†Now bare with me, this next one may be a stretch. I wanted to incorporate all three letters (p,c,g) into the logo somehow. The p and the C are obviously visible, but can you make out the backwards G that is formed by tracing from the top of the C to the bottom and then through the p? In the end, both Pixel and cast come together to create Games.

This marks the next era of pixelCast Games! ECGC will be my first booth as an independent developer and I have been approved for Steamworks. Expect more news as we get closer to the big day!