InterQuest Changelog 1/02/2018 – Rulebook v4r5

New IQ Board

My objective over the last few weeks have been to simplify mechanics and speed up gameplay through rule tweaks. Various rules and hidden mechanics caused players to take very long turns or delay choices over the course of many rounds. Now, more choices are available to the player in a single turn compared to previous versions. Rules were also consolidated as much as possible to reduce the amount of terms and numbers players had to remember. To follow the trend of simplification, I also redesigned the board entirely to square tiles instead of hexes. There was no initial design choice to the hex-based board other than “other games did it”. The new tiles are now symmetrical and allows for a better visual experience for the player. I was excited to trim the fat and refine the gameplay. Using notes from play tests helped me achieve this goal! It is time to play test and continue to polish.

As always, you can join us on the Discord to playtest or chat: Discord Link

For now, here are all the changes:


  • Move and Normal actions can now be used in any order
  • Build Action is now 2 Alloy for all Hubs
  • Build Action can now be done without a Unit
  • Upgrading and Selling is now a free player action

“Too much confusion explaining that a Hub can upgrade and sell itself.”

  • Repair Action has been removed

“Damaging has been redesigned, thus the repair action is not needed.”

  • All Attacks now require a DC6 to hit
  • Successfully Attacking now always does a Damage

“Attacking is now simplified. In the past, you had to keep track of Unit Offenses to calculate Damage to Defenses. Now, successful hits applies a Damage. If something is damaged, remove it from play. If it is upgraded and damaged, remove the upgrade. This means players no longer have to track damage using red pegs.”

  • Jump action removed
  • Surge is now a DC10 (up from DC6)
  • Warp is now a DC6 (down from DC10)


  • Players begin the game with 1 Mine
  • Removed Hub upgrade names
  • You now upgrade hubs by flipping them over to the yellow side, thus removing the need for unnecessary pieces
  • Mines Output 1, Output 2 Upgraded (down from 2, 3 respectively)

“Simplifies number tracking and easier visualization of Profit.”

  • Upkeep for Outpost and Emissary is now always 2 (down from 3)
  • Outposts is the only thing that can build Emissaries
  • Outposts grant fleet strength without being upgraded
  • Outposts aggro attacks

“Increases the necessity of outposts.”

  • Emissaries can attack without being upgraded
  • Emissaries can now move 2 Speed when upgraded
  • Limit of 4 Emissaries per player has been removed
  • Emissaries can now be sold
  • Reinforcements are now Hubs

“Reinforcements are merely for quick defense. They cost only 2 Alloy and have no Upkeep. They can be built on both Space and Planet Nodes.”


  • Exploration Cards are now either Resource or Event
  • Removed the sub-categories of Resource cards
  • Space Tax is less annoying
  • Numerous card clarifications and simplifications
  • Reduced number of Fast Expansion cards to 8 (down from 10)
  • Reduced number of Sabotage cards to 8 (down from 10)
  • New Beginnings Card is now an event
  • Travelling Merchant card added: You can sell Resource cards for 3 Alloy each

“I liked the idea of being able to sell cards are your own, but with the removal of the Central Market, players could no longer take that action. So, I added a Event Card that allows players to do it for their turn.”


  • All round counting removed
  • Election round removed

“Round tracking took time and was too much to keep track of for the player.”

  • Diplomacy cards are now either Active or Passive

“Active diplomacy cards have their effects play out immediately and once. Passive cards are temporary effect that stay in play until discarded.”

  • Ballots can now be exchanged and turned in at any time. 8 Ballots allow you to earn a Vote
  • Diplomacy victory increased to 4 Votes (up from 3)
  • Invest Card added: Spend 2 Alloy to add 2 to a Decisive Role
  • Campaign Card added: Earn 1 Ballot at the beginning of your turns.
  • Research agreement now takes 8 Alloy (up from 6) and forces both players to choose duplicate cards.


  • Central Market removed completely

“Rarely used and only caused problems for play sessions. It exploited gameplay and was not fun.”


  • Complete board redesign

“The hex-based board was unsymmetrical and over complicated the movement and range finding of attacks. It also slowed the pace in terms of decision making because player’s could not easily visualize movements.”

  • Numerous simplifications in wording
  • Disabled, Neutral, and Blackened nodes types have been removed
  • Players begin the game closer to the center

“Opens up options at the beginning of the game. Player choice becomes less stale and speeds up gameplay.”

  • Starship default speed is 1 and no longer has more speed in borders

“This accomplishes two things. Removes a hidden mechanic and makes emissaries more valuable.”

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