PCG Dev Blog #1 – Better and Better

Everything is moving forward perfectly! I have been able to play test the game every week since development restarted. Each person has enjoyed their experienced and expressed desire in replaying InterQuest. Even so, changes and content additions are continually made. In terms of overall gameplay, I found the later stages of the game to play out very slowly. This is not necessarily a bad thing, considering InterQuest is a 4X title, but the pace was slowed by the lack of options in the game itself, rather than actual player interaction. To rectify this issue, I reduced the prerequisites for all the victory conditions. This should increase the pace not only in the late game, but also for the earlier stages. Aside from that, I clarified a few rules and card descriptions.

But as an extra treat, I created some new graphics and modeled new pegs for all the pieces in the game. Might as well be as fancy as we can in Tabletop Simulator. I expect to conduct another play test this weekend; hopefully with a full set of experienced players.


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InterQuest – Moving Forward

InterQuest Logo

InterQuest began as one of my first design projects. We had to design and fabricate a tabletop game from scratch for our final project. It has been two years since the end of that class, but I have not forgotten. It is a 2 -4 player competitive 4X. Our design goal was to create a game that felt massive, but looked simple in form. Most titles of this nature are very complicated for most players, so we desired to create a game that is easy to grasp from the start. Of course, there are a lot of small nuances that make the game very fascinating to play.

For the last few weeks, I have ported the game into digital form for Tabletop Simulator. Final play testing is under way. I have added more content and revised a lot of the rules. The possibilities in this game are close to endless, so I attend to play test extensively before reaching a final version. Stay tuned.

InterQuest Digital Prototype

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